Toy Tommy Gun

Toy Tommy Gun
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Alright put your hands in the air and nobody gets hurt! This Toy Tommy Gun is a fun way to add some authenticity to your gangster costume. Did you know that the Thompson Submachine Gun (its official name) had many other nicknames besides “Tommy Gun?” Some of its more colorful monikers were “Trench Broom,” “Trench Sweeper,” “Chicago Typewriter,” “Chicago Piano,” “Chicago Style,” “Chicago Organ Grinder,” and “The Chopper.” It was invented during World War I, when the army called it “The Annihilator.” Versions of the Tommy Gun are still in use by the U.S. Army and by many law enforcement agencies..

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All right, reach for the sky! Blast them to high heaven with this Tommy Gun Toy! It’s a must have for your gangster costume and the most effective way to show them who’s the boss.

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