Kids Star Wand

Kids Star Wand
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This sparking star wand for kids is perfect for fairies and kind witches! It’s the perfect size for little hands and is molded to give the appearance of rhinestones, but since they are incorporated into the design you won’t need to worry about little pieces coming loose while you’re little one is working her magic!.

Why Choose Kids Star Wand

She can wave her wand and make magical things happen! This star wand for kids is a fun accessory to add to a fairy or witch costume.

Kids Green Guard Costume

Kids Green Guard Costume
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Halt! Who goes there? Only people deemed worthy have the right to enter the castle and speak with the almighty wizard! When you wear this Kids Green Guard Costume, you will get to decide who the Wizard will see and who he won’t..

Why Choose Kids Green Guard Costume

You shall not enter to see the wizard! Be the authority of who enters and who does not when you are dressed in this Kids Green Guard Costume.

Adult Scary Tree Costume

Adult Scary Tree Costume
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Traveling through a haunted forest is an impossible mission without the right game plan. Sure, you could try to skip merrily through the trees, but you run the risk of being pelted by old produce. A much smarter way to make it through to see the Wizard is to become one of them. Wear a disguise and you can slip through that spooky place completely unnoticed. Just make sure to only do tree stuff, like photosynthesis and waggling in the breeze..

Why Choose Adult Scary Tree Costume

A disguise comes in pretty handy when traveling through the forests of Oz. Wearing this scary tree costume will save you from being pelted by weird fruits when you go see the Wizard of Oz.

Men’s Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume

Men's Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume
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He is need of a heart! This Men’s Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume is a must have if you plan on taking a group to go visit the wizard. Don’t worry about rust. This metallic suit uses new technology that prevents that kind of thing..

Why Choose Men’s Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume

This men’s plus size Tin Woodsman costume is an exclusive costume. Enjoy a timeless yet unique look when you dress as this popular storybook character.

Womens Miss Kansas Costume

Womens Miss Kansas Costume
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The wonderful world of Oz is a fantastic place. It is a land full of magic and thrilling adventure and it just got a little more thrilling when you show up dressed up as the lead character. That’s right, when you make your way down the yellow brick road dress in this Miss Kansas costume. This is the perfect costume for someone looking for sassy take on a classic look..

Why Choose Womens Miss Kansas Costume

Inspire some love for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz with this womens Miss Kansas costume. This sexy dress is a unique take on the classic farm girl look.

Tween Kansas Girl Costume

Tween Kansas Girl Costume
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Do you love skipping down yellow-bricked roads? How about wearing your hair in two braids? Do you have an adorable, little dog? If you answered “yes” to these questions, it sounds like you’re ready to fly off to Oz in this Tween Kansas GIrl Costume. Just remember that any time you want to go home–just click your heels together!.

Why Choose Tween Kansas Girl Costume

You’ll be off to the the Wizard in this Tween Kansas Girl Costume. This knee-length dress makes the perfect traditional storybook costume!

Child Deluxe Dorothy Costume

Child Deluxe Dorothy Costume
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This Child Deluxe Dorothy Costume is perfect for Halloween, a school play, or any time at all! Finish it off with accessories such as anklet socks, ruby slippers, and Toto in a basket..

Why Choose Child Deluxe Dorothy Costume

She’ll be ready for her journey down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City in this Child Deluxe Dorothy Costume!

Tin Woodsman Plus Size Costume

Tin Woodsman Plus Size Costume
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He’s getting a little squeaky, where is that oil can? This Tin Woodsman Plus Size Costume is a great addition to any Oz group. You will definitely be noticed when you are dressed in all silver!.

Why Choose Tin Woodsman Plus Size Costume

Our Tin Woodsman plus size costume is guaranteed not to rust. So no need to worry about ending up like the storybook character, frozen in place in a haunted forest.

Deluxe Adult Flying Baboon Costume

Deluxe Adult Flying Baboon Costume
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Every witch needs an army to get anything done. Evanora went straight for the best kind of army a witch could have, flying baboons. They’re easily controlled, kind of evil and they look pretty scary. We can’t guarantee what kind of missions the witch will send you on when you wear this Oz the Great and Powerful Deluxe Adult Flying Baboon Costume, but they’ll most likely involve chasing down Oscar Diggs, or attacking Glinda the Good Witch, and when you’re on those kind of missions, you’ll be glad to be wearing a set of flying baboon armor..

Why Choose Deluxe Adult Flying Baboon Costume

This deluxe adult Flying Baboon costume is a unique Wizard of Oz costume.

Adult Storybook Lion Costume

Adult Storybook Lion Costume
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He’s on his way to get some courage so that he can finally stop screaming when confronted by little black dogs! This Adult Storybook Lion Costume is a cozy costume that you’ll find exclusively here!.

Why Choose Adult Storybook Lion Costume

Get into this adult storybook lion costume for a great, realistic addition to any Oz group. Also available in plus size.