Plus Size Vintage Monster Costume

Plus Size Vintage Monster Costume
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Let’s get one thing out of the way: Frankenstein is the name of the evil scientist, not the monster! Many people make that mistake. So, when people yell at you all night on Halloween, “Hey Frankenstein!” you can politely walk up to them, bend down, and correct them. They may just run away screaming because you look so scary, but you’ll at least have done your part to dispel such a prominent myth! If she could, Mary Shelley herself would thank you..

Why Choose Plus Size Vintage Monster Costume

Anybody who goes in our Plus Size Vintage Monster Costume should, at some point in their night, go pick a flower and weep. It’s the best scene from the movie! Just saying, for authenticity’s sake.

Infant Monster Boo Costume

Infant Monster Boo Costume
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Warning: Mad scientist experiment gone cute! This is an adorable and classic Infant Monster Boo Costume makes a great first Halloween costume idea! Pair it with our other monster costumes and maybe make your own creature feature!.

Why Choose Infant Monster Boo Costume

This little Frankenstein’s monster costume is so cute it’s scaaaary! This Infant Monster Boo Costume makes a perfect first Halloween costume idea for infants!

Teen Miss Reaper Costume

Teen Miss Reaper Costume
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Any teen looking for a Gothic look, should check out this Miss Reaper costume. It comes straight from creepy town..

Why Choose Teen Miss Reaper Costume

If stealing souls is sort of your thing, then this Teen Miss Reaper Costume is also sort of your thing. It has that creepy Gothic look that any teen girl will love.

Women’s Deluxe Hooded Robe

Women's Deluxe Hooded Robe
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This Women’s Deluxe Hooded Robe will make a great devil or vampire costume. Or, use your imagination and create any look you want. Add devil horns and a pitchfork accessory for a devil lady look, some fangs and a vampire cross necklace for a vampiress, or broomstick and hat for a witch, or….whatever else you can think of!.

Why Choose Women’s Deluxe Hooded Robe

This Women’s Deluxe Hooded Robe is versatile enough to become any type of costume from devil to vampire to witch.

Chain Link Rope Accessory

Chain Link Rope Accessory
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Keep your victims attached to you all night long with this Chain Link Rope Accessory! Who wants the hassle of having to hunt down a shrieking and paranoid victim? It’s much easier to attach them to the wall and let them be. We’re sure after a few days they’ll calm down..

Why Choose Chain Link Rope Accessory

Give your home a ghastly look with this Chain Link Rope Accessory. It’s the most haunting way to remember the lives of those you’ve killed! *BOO* The souls of a 1000 victims lie rest in your home and on Halloween, we’re sure they’ll want to rattle their

Infestado Mask

Infestado Mask
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When someone becomes a zombie and they have been stuck in the ground for a little while they’ll have a few friends with them when they rise from the grave. These friends would be all the bugs and insect life that lives in the dirty and have made this member of the undead their new home. Now you can have a chance to gross out your friends when you wear this gross mask this Halloween..

Why Choose Infestado Mask

Now you can become a member of the living dead in this Infestado Mask. You’ll look like you’re straight from the grave in this scary mask.

Women’s Hooded Black Lace Up Robe

Women's Hooded Black Lace Up Robe
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This Women’s Hooded Black Lace Up Robe is a great start to any costume. Whether you plan on being a vampire, a witch, or even something more mischievous, this is the perfect way to start..

Why Choose Women’s Hooded Black Lace Up Robe

Let this Women’s Hooded Black Lace Up Robe be your inspiration for creating a unique witch or vampire costume. Add accessories to create a haunting, intense look.

Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume

Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume
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We have one thing to say about this costume: glowing eyes! It might sound strange for grown adults to get excited about an outfit with glowing eyes, but we don’t care. We’re in love with glowing eyes, especially when it’s on a demon ninja style costume like this one. If we’re this excited about it, we can only imagine how you kid is going to feel wearing this outfit..

Why Choose Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume

Your child will be the perfect ghoulish warrior in this Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume!

Boys Gothic Vampire Costume

Boys Gothic Vampire Costume
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The coolest thing about being a vampire is the ability to transform into other animals. Bat, any one? How about a turtle? Whatever you’re mood … BAM! transformed. The only downside is that little blood sucking thing. But no one’s perfect. Easily transform with this Boys Gothic Vampire Costume..

Why Choose Boys Gothic Vampire Costume

Looking for a traditional vampire look? Then this Boys Gothic Vampire Costume is perfect for your child’s scary Halloween! Get an individual look with our vampire accessories!

Goat Witch Mask

Goat Witch Mask
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This mask was designed for Trick or Treat studios by artist Kristen Phillips, who is a winner of the SyFy series Face Off..

Why Choose Goat Witch Mask

There will be no baaing in this Goat Witch Mask. Just a lot of screams and spells. This creepy mask is designed by Kristen Phillips winner of the SyFy series Face Off.