Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume

Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume
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We have one thing to say about this costume: glowing eyes! It might sound strange for grown adults to get excited about an outfit with glowing eyes, but we don’t care. We’re in love with glowing eyes, especially when it’s on a demon ninja style costume like this one. If we’re this excited about it, we can only imagine how you kid is going to feel wearing this outfit..

Why Choose Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume

Your child will be the perfect ghoulish warrior in this Fade In/Out Demon Child Costume!

Boys Gothic Vampire Costume

Boys Gothic Vampire Costume
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The coolest thing about being a vampire is the ability to transform into other animals. Bat, any one? How about a turtle? Whatever you’re mood … BAM! transformed. The only downside is that little blood sucking thing. But no one’s perfect. Easily transform with this Boys Gothic Vampire Costume..

Why Choose Boys Gothic Vampire Costume

Looking for a traditional vampire look? Then this Boys Gothic Vampire Costume is perfect for your child’s scary Halloween! Get an individual look with our vampire accessories!

Goat Witch Mask

Goat Witch Mask
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This mask was designed for Trick or Treat studios by artist Kristen Phillips, who is a winner of the SyFy series Face Off..

Why Choose Goat Witch Mask

There will be no baaing in this Goat Witch Mask. Just a lot of screams and spells. This creepy mask is designed by Kristen Phillips winner of the SyFy series Face Off.

Teen Headless Boy Costume

Teen Headless Boy Costume
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Your friends will lose their heads when they see you in this costume! This cool costume is like an optical illusion; it will make you look like you are carrying your head around. This is a scary and unique costume for teen boys and girls. Pick up a toy plastic knife to complete this horrifying costume..

Why Choose Teen Headless Boy Costume

This costume is so cool, you’ll lose your head! This Teen Headless Boy Costume will have everyone grossed out and wondering how it’s done.

Professional Cream Makeup – Green

Professional Cream Makeup - Green
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What to know Frankenstien’s secret? Okay. Well, maybe not his actually one (he was a little resistant to give that away). But, you’ll look as close as you possibly can with this Professional Cream Makeup-Green..

Why Choose Professional Cream Makeup – Green

What do witches, the Hulk and Frankenstein all have in common? Each of them secretly use this professional cream makeup green to keep their skin looking hideous.

Teen Gothic Dolly Costume

Teen Gothic Dolly Costume
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Instead of being read bedtime stories, this rag doll would rather be reciting ghost stories around a campfire with her creepy friends. Now you can freak out your kid sister when you wear this cute Teen Gothic Dolly Costume. Pick up the yarn pigtail wig to complete the Goth look!.

Why Choose Teen Gothic Dolly Costume

Come to life with our Teen Gothic Dolly Costume! It’s a classic doll look with a Gothic twist.

Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds

Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds
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Chances are, you probably don’t want to get shot by a bullet any time soon. So, it’s a good thing you don’t have to. With prosthetic makeup, anything is possible, even making you look like an unstoppable monster that even bullets can’t stop..

Why Choose Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds

Prove that you’re an unstoppable monster when you add these Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds to your costume. These work great for zombies, vampires, and werewolves!

Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume

Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume
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If you’d been hanging out in a casket for thousands of years, I think you’d be a little moodier too. But you have to admit, she does look pretty good–especially for taking a turn to the dark side. Come back with a darker style in this Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume..

Why Choose Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume

You’ll be the sexiest mummy anyone’s ever seen rise from the dead in this Plus Size Gothic Mummy Costume. Accessorize with our coordinating gothic mummy wig!

Child Nightmare Sweater

Child Nightmare Sweater
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Have you ever been warned not to fall asleep because a monster might appear in your dreams? You can be the one terrifying others when you wear this Child Nightmare sweater. Once you add some creepy accessories, you’ll definitely be the one haunting other people’s dreams!.

Why Choose Child Nightmare Sweater

This child nightmare sweater is a great start to his or her horror movie inspired makeover. Keep telling yourself that it’s just a phase.

Girls Spiderella Costume

Girls Spiderella Costume
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Is your little a girl a fan of things that both creepy and crawly? Then she’ll love being the princess known as Spiderella! This pretty princess loves to hang out with her spider friends making cute webs all over the place. Your little girl will have fun being both spooky and adorable in this Halloween dress. Perfect for a night of trick or treating or playing princess at home..

Why Choose Girls Spiderella Costume

If Cinderella and a spider were mixed together, you might get something like this Girls Spiderella Costume! It’s a great look for girls who want a Gothic look for Halloween.