Sweet Buccaneer Costume

Sweet Buccaneer Costume
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Ahoy matey! This Sweet Buccaneer Costume is great at serving up some beer and making bad pirates walk the plank. Pick up a sword and some pirate boots to make this costume look intimidating yet seductive!.

Why Choose Sweet Buccaneer Costume

It’s time to buck up! This Sweet Buccaneer Costume is a great pirate costume for women to wear.

Toddler Sally Skully Pirate Costume

Toddler Sally Skully Pirate Costume
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Could a pirate lass this cute really be up to no good? When she wears this Toddler Sally Skully Pirate Costume, she’ll be ready for a Halloween treasure hunt. Finish the costume with black tights and shoes, and add one of our pirate-themed treat bags!.

Why Choose Toddler Sally Skully Pirate Costume

Your little marauder is ready for adventure in her Toddler Sally Skully Pirate Costume. She’ll be the most adorable pirate to sail the high seas!

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Child Felt Pirate Hat

Child Felt Pirate Hat
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Yar, me hearties. Ye want to know the secret to being a scurvy dog of the seas? It all be in the hat! Once ye wear the jolly roger, no swashbuckler worth his salt will disobey orders. It be just the thing any new captain needs..

Why Choose Child Felt Pirate Hat

Every young pirate needs more than a sword and his wits to make through treasure hunting adventure on the high seas. Yeah, that’s right. He needs a pirate hat. We just so happen to have one he can use.

Cruel Seas Captain Adult Costume

Cruel Seas Captain Adult Costume
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Do you like this pirate dress? Say ‘Yarrrrrrrrr!’ Avast ye, matey! When the pirates take one look at you dressed in this fancy Cruel Seas Captain Adult Costume they will vote you as the new captain. If you are not named Captain… a mutiny will form. Bye bye Captain Blackbeard and hello Captain Sexy!.

Why Choose Cruel Seas Captain Adult Costume

She may look pretty but her heart is made out of stone! Rule the seven seas while you wear this Cruel Seas Captain Adult Costume.

Kid’s Pink Pirate Costume

Kid's Pink Pirate Costume
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Your child will be ready to set sail with this kid’s pink pirate costume. The 100% polyester dress has a corset-like front that can be laced up with a pink bow. Towards the bottom of the dress, there are three different black and pink strips of material which hang down for a unique look. The pink sleeves have a tattered look to them and the sash has the same design. Lace trim decorates the bottom of the dress which zips up in the back. The final touch is a polyester hat with black lace trim and pink ribbons on either side. Just add a pair of pirate boots to complete the look of this costume!.

Why Choose Kid’s Pink Pirate Costume

This kid’s pink pirate costume will give your child the sassy edge she needs for Halloween. A fun pink girl’s pirate costume for Halloween in sizes s-l.

Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume
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Every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume! It includes a corset-style top with back zipper, tiered skirt, belt and hat. Add our sexy pirate boots and a toy cutlass or flintlock pistol to finish your look, and you’ll never have problems rounding up a crew to serve your ship!.

Why Choose Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

You make the rules when you wear this Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume! Add accessories and you’re ready for Halloween adventure on the high seas.

Sexy Captain Blackheart Costume

Sexy Captain Blackheart Costume
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There’s always a party going on with this captain around! Add accessories to complete the costume, such as a petticoat, fence net tights, boots and toy pirate pistols. If you have a taste for spiced rum, this is the costume for you!.

Why Choose Sexy Captain Blackheart Costume

This Sexy Captain Blackheart Costume is a classic style that a prosperous pirate might have worn.

Sexy Female Pirate Costume

Sexy Female Pirate Costume
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She’ll take your treasure then go in search for more so you better hide yer gold! She may look like a sweet pirate but she is always thinking about how she can steal some buried treasure. Swindle everyone you meet while wearing this Sexy Female Pirate Costume! Just pick up the matching hats and high heeled boots and you have the whole look!.

Why Choose Sexy Female Pirate Costume

This sexy female pirate costume includes a top with lace sleeves, a skirt and a striped sash. Complete your sexy pirate costume with a pair of boots and a matching pirate hat.

Authentic Caribbean Pirate Adult Costume

Authentic Caribbean Pirate Adult Costume
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Taking up the life of a pirate is no easy task and only the truly dedicated should go though with it. What is so rough about the swashbuckling life style? First off you’ll be spending a great deal of your time on a boat, which if you get seasick means you should maybe look at a blacksmith’s job. Secondly you’ll have to always be on the look out for islands with lost treasure on it which means you’ll have to have a trained eye. If you feel like you can do those things and more then suit pirate and hit the seas with the best of them..

Why Choose Authentic Caribbean Pirate Adult Costume

Get this authentic Caribbean pirate adult costume for a realistic pirate look this Halloween. Our authentic pirate costume comes with all the essential accessories.

Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume
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A little high seas subterfuge never hurt anyone. All the boys see a beautiful pirate girl of their dreams when you wear this sexy ensemble. Of course, what’s hiding beneath the surface is a cunning rogue, ready to have her fill of whatever types of riches she can set her hands on. If only those poor pirate boys saw what you have in store for them and their treasure….

Why Choose Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

Sometimes fighting just isn’t the answer. Sometimes, this sexy rogue pirate costume is. It gives you the devastating look that makes high seas subterfuge so much fun.