Geisha Girl Makeup Kit

Geisha Girl Makeup Kit
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Being a Geisha Girl is about more than just pretty kimonos and fancy makeup, but those things are still important! Once you’ve selected the perfect costume, we can help you achieve the right makeup look. This makeup kit has all the things you need to achieve the classic makeup style of legendary Japanese entertainers. We even have video tutorial available to show you how to use it (see below)..

Why Choose Geisha Girl Makeup Kit

You’ve got the sexy kimono and the grace to match, so don’t let your look fall short because you didn’t get the matching makeup. This Geisha Girl Makeup Kit is the finisher to your Japanese look that’ll make the boys go, “Yowza!”

Jade Parasol

Jade Parasol
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Did you know that umbrellas were invented in China? This Jade Parasol is a great accessory that perfectly matches our Jade Geisha Costume, but it can be used with any geisha costume..

Why Choose Jade Parasol

This Jade Parasol has a canopy of colorful stylized flowers that match the fabric of our Jade Geisha Costume.

Desert Jewel Genie Costume

Desert Jewel Genie Costume
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Sure, lamps can be cozy and warm, but stepping out into the real world every now and then is a good thing. You get to meet new people and learn their secret desires; plus, you can check out the latest fashions. But, most importantly, you get to help others. Step out in style with this Desert Jewel Genie Costume..

Why Choose Desert Jewel Genie Costume

Pop out of the bottle in style (and with a little bit of sex appeal) in this Desert Jewel Genie Costume. Everyone is going to wish you were their genie!

Sexy Purple Genie Costume

Sexy Purple Genie Costume
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Show off some mystical sex appeal with this Sexy Purple Genie Costume! You can entertain your audience for a thousand and one nights, or just for a special one-night appearance..

Why Choose Sexy Purple Genie Costume

Become the enchanting Scheherazade in this Sexy Purple Genie Costume!

Womens Bavarian Bar Maid Costume

Womens Bavarian Bar Maid Costume
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Serve German beer in style when you sport this sexy, stunning Womens Bavarian Bar Maid Costume. Ever since 1810 Munich has held an event called Oktoberfest. During this event a lot of beer is drunk and a lot of fun is had, but the true reason to go are the ladies. There is a tradition dating back to as long as the festival has been going on that women there dress like traditional bar maids. This is the true reason that Oktoberfest is amazing because nothing is sexier than a girl holding a beer while wearing a German bar maid outfit!.

Why Choose Womens Bavarian Bar Maid Costume

This sexy Womens Bavarian Bar Maid Costume is perfect for Oktoberfest! Check out our men’s lederhosen costumes for your date!

Black Ninja Stars

Black Ninja Stars
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Ninja + Black Ninja Stars = deadly warrior. HEEEEYAH!!! !It’s safe to say no one will trouble you once you’ve got the juice to produce ninja stars at an alarmingly fast rate…straight to their forehead!!! Your enemies will cower in terror!.

Why Choose Black Ninja Stars

WHOOOSHH WHOOSHH WHOOSSSHHH! That’s what it’ll sound like when you throw a Black Ninja Star at your opponents face. It’s okay if we were in your shoes we’d throw a ninja star at your enemy too. He’s just that bad, we get it!

Women’s Vibrant Gypsy Costume

Women's Vibrant Gypsy Costume
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Gypsy me baby! You can officially start your caravan life with this great Gypsy Costume. Your new life will be full of adventure and love, and of course, bright colors. Just because you enjoy life on the move doesn’t mean you can’t shine with some classic style..

Why Choose Women’s Vibrant Gypsy Costume

Everyone’s crystal ball will show bright colors when you wear this Women’s Vibrant Gypsy Costume!

Adult Dutch Woman Costume

Adult Dutch Woman Costume
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Bring some old world charm to the new world! There are a lot of things in Netherlands that make life difficult. Caring for tulip fields and milking the cows take up most of the day. And Windmill maintenance? Don’t even get us started. And imagine doing all of that in wooden shoes! We’ll just take this Dutch Woman Costume. You can enjoy a turn as a classic European beauty without all of the chores!.

Why Choose Adult Dutch Woman Costume

This Adult Dutch Woman Costume is one way to have a good time. You know how to have a good time, right?

Child Pink Spanish Princess Costume

Child Pink Spanish Princess Costume
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If your daughter loves to dance, give her this Child Pink Spanish Princess Costume and let her get into the Flamenco spirit! It’s glittery, ruffly and pink, everything a young princess could want in a dress..

Why Choose Child Pink Spanish Princess Costume

Your daughter can be Castilian or Andalusian royalty in this Child Pink Spanish Princess Costume! Hair ornament is included.

Beaded Belly Dancer Headpiece

Beaded Belly Dancer Headpiece
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You can be the most dazzling belly dancer in the caravan show when you wear this womens belly dancer headpiece! It is a detailed look that your audience will appreciate..

Why Choose Beaded Belly Dancer Headpiece

This metal belly dancer headpiece is a great costume accessory for your arabian belly dancer costume. Get this metal head piece for your genie costume too.