Stormtrooper Hoodie

Stormtrooper Hoodie
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Just because you’re a loyal soldier, doesn’t mean you won’t get chilly from time to time. Does the planet Hoth not send shivers down your … armor? Stay warm while battling against the Rebel Alliance in this Stormtrooper Hoodie..

Why Choose Stormtrooper Hoodie

Don’t be embarrassed. Even the toughest fighting soldiers get a little chilly now and then… Stay warm while keeping up with dress code in this Stormtrooper Hoodie.

USB Port & Drive Costume

USB Port & Drive Costume
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Are you a tech savvy couple looking for a fun look this Halloween? Then this USB port and drive costume is perfect. You’ll have your friends laughing in no time when you each slip this fun costume on..

Why Choose USB Port & Drive Costume

Do you and your date go together like a USB drive and port? This USB port & drive costume is a funny couples computer costume for tech savvy nerds!

Banana Flasher Costume

Banana Flasher Costume
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In the fruit world it is a well known fact that bananas are crazy. These wacky, potassium filled guys are always running around getting into trouble. What kind of trouble? Well they just hate wearing their peel suit so they’re always finding reasons to unpeel it off and enjoy the freedom. So if you want to show off the naturalistic side of your favorite fruit then this flashing banana costume is perfect for you..

Why Choose Banana Flasher Costume

Our banana flasher costume is a hilarious Halloween costume for adults. Get this funny banana costume for Halloween and sure to get laughs at your party.

Pink Crayola Eyelashes

Pink Crayola Eyelashes
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Think pink with these Pink Crayola Eyelashes, and keep your crayon costume color-coordinated. You’ll be tickled pink!.

Why Choose Pink Crayola Eyelashes

You’ll really be in the pink when you add these Pink Crayola Eyelashes to your pink crayon costume!

Men’s Batman Costume T-Shirt

Men's Batman Costume T-Shirt
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Get this Men’s Batman Costume T-Shirt for a quick and easy Halloween costume! Add one of our Batman masks, a cape and a pair of gauntlets to complete your costume, and wear the ensemble to the premiere of the next superhero movie..

Why Choose Men’s Batman Costume T-Shirt

Get this Men’s Batman Costume T-Shirt as a cheap costume idea for adults. We also carry a Batgirl costume t-shirt for an easy couple Halloween costume idea.

Tween Sky Blue Crayon Dress

Tween Sky Blue Crayon Dress
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Ain’t no party like my crayon box party cause my crayon box party don’t stop! Your tween will love dressing up like a Crayola crayon, and she can feel free to invite all her friends since we’ve got a ton of different colors to choose from! This fun, colorful, and creative costume is a unique statement to make this Halloween!.

Why Choose Tween Sky Blue Crayon Dress

Get a fun, colorful look for Halloween with this tween sky blue crayon dress. The funny costume goes great with any of our other Crayola costumes for Halloween!

Rage Face Big Head Mask

Rage Face Big Head Mask
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Are you mad as h*** and just can’t take it anymore? The bold black-on-white graphics of this Rage Face Big Head Mask will definitely get someone’s attention! It has foam blocks to rest your forehead & chin on and an elastic band to hold it in place. Rage away!.

Why Choose Rage Face Big Head Mask

Is your face not ragey enough? This Rage Face Big Head Mask has enough raging going on for it that you’ll never have to worry about that again!

Mens Floating Ghost Skin Suit

Mens Floating Ghost Skin Suit
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When you’re walking though an old, abandoned mansion and you hear something behind you go bump in the night you will wonder if you’re alone. You’re not alone because ghosts have been know to follow those who enter into their dilapidated homes. So when you turn around quicky to see what made that noise don’t be surprised to a floating phantom looking you right in the eyes. Now you can make people afraid of ghosts in this spooky skin suit costume..

Why Choose Mens Floating Ghost Skin Suit

You can look like a true ghost floating magically off the ground when you go in our Mens Floating Ghost Skin Suit! It’s truly SPOOK-tacular!

Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume

Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume
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Well, it was bound to happen one day. Those lousy apes are so smart! But just remember to stay calm! Kicking and screaming isn’t going to get you anywhere (unless you think you can take on a 200 lb ape). The good news is that gorillas are herbivores. The bad news is your body may be never found again..

Why Choose Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume

Win the costume party with this Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume! This unique illusion costume makes a funny Halloween costume idea for adults.

Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume

Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume
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Since a hot dog was only living when it was part of a pig or a cow, this Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume leads to all sorts of unsavory speculations. You probably don’t want to know how it got to be a zombie!Wear the tunic over your own dark pants..

Why Choose Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume

The most disturbing thing about this Adult Zombie Hot Dog Costume is the knowledge that it was living at some point before it became undead. Remember that the next time you bite into a frank.