60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig

60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig
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Girls in the early 60s spent hours teasing and back-combing their hair to achieve the look of this 60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig. And if you’re old enough to know what a rat-tail comb is, maybe you did, too (or maybe you watched your mom or older sister). Anyway, you don’t have to spend hours to get the mod look–just wear this wig, and you’ll have it instantly!.

Why Choose 60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig

Add this 60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig to your retro housewife costume or go go girl costume for a hairstyle that’s a blast from the past.

Hippie Afro Wig

Hippie Afro Wig
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If you’re going to wear this Hippie Afro Wig, you’re going to need two things. First a lot of attitude. Anyone bold enough to wear an Afro has to rock it with confidence. Second you’re going to need an Afro pic with a fist. Power to the people man!.

Why Choose Hippie Afro Wig

Break out the Afro pick, you’re gonna need it once you slip into this Hippie Afro Wig. You’ll be a regular soul man in this styled wig! This hot number pairs perfectly with a 60s or 70s costumes.

Disco Handbag Purse

Disco Handbag Purse
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Disco will never die, it will live forever in the spirit of your purse! If you caught disco fever in the seventies and are looking for a way to relive the magic then strap on a Disco Handbag Purse!.

Why Choose Disco Handbag Purse

Remember what it felt like to catch disco fever and dance the night away? Relive your favorite moments with the help of this Disco Handbag Purse.

Tan Leather Braided Headband

Tan Leather Braided Headband
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You must don the headband if you want to join the tribe. This Tan Leather Braided Headband is a must have for a sexy Pocahontas costume but it looks great with any of our Native American costumes..

Why Choose Tan Leather Braided Headband

Looking groovy doesn’t just stop with the outfit. It’s the complete package. Accessorize your far-out hippie costume with this Tan Leather Braided Headband.

Groovy Go Go Dancer Costume

Groovy Go Go Dancer Costume
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Get yourself out on the dance floor! When you’re dressed in this Groovy Go Go Dancer Costume there will be no excuse not to shake your groove thing. It even includes funky accessories like tinted glasses and earrings so that no one will question your 70s diva status..

Why Choose Groovy Go Go Dancer Costume

This groovy go go dancer costume is a sexy hippie costume idea for women. Get this retro Halloween costume for a 60s theme party or Halloween!

Women’s Foxy Lady Disco Costume

Women's Foxy Lady Disco Costume
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Put on your boogie shoes and get ready for some disco nights in this Women’s Foxy Lady Disco Costume! Disco was all about glitz and sparkle, and this outfit has it to the max. You’ll shine like a star as you show off your moves. Boogie on!.

Why Choose Women’s Foxy Lady Disco Costume

Get ready to boogie all night in this Women’s Foxy Lady Disco Costume!

Girls Flower Power Hippie Costume

Girls Flower Power Hippie Costume
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Right on the corner of Haight and Ashbury stands a great little shop with all sorts of wonderful costumes. There, you’ll find all the colors and designs that drive kids wild, including this girls flower power hippie costume. It’s funky and fresh, and makes a great choice for your girl for trick-or-treating, or for going to the grooviest parties..

Why Choose Girls Flower Power Hippie Costume

There’s nothing as hip as dressing like a hippie this year for Halloween! Get a great look for your girl with this girls flower power hippie costume!

Womens Disco Sensation Dress

Womens Disco Sensation Dress
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Disco fever. It’s sweeping the nation again. This dangerous outbreak has left tons of victims with the extreme urge to boogie down in cute outfits. There’s no cure. There’s no stopping it. The only thing you can really do at this point is embrace it! This womens costume brings the classic look from the disco floors of the 1970’s to you! Just put it on, then boogie oogie oogie..

Why Choose Womens Disco Sensation Dress

Become the queen of the dance floor in this shimmery Womens Disco Sensation Dress!

Plus Size Disco Sensation Costume

Plus Size Disco Sensation Costume
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Disco season is back and this year you’re going to rule the dance floor like no other. You can thank Donny and Belinda later for the hours they spent with you honing your moves. Right now, it’s time to cut a rug. If you picture yourself lighting up the night with your moves, this Disco Sensation Costume will fit the bill. Add some classic 70s accessories and you will be a star!.

Why Choose Plus Size Disco Sensation Costume

If you’ve been dying to shake your grove thing, this plus size disco sensation costume will let you finally have your way. It makes you feel like dancing!

Orange Soda Girl Costume

Orange Soda Girl Costume
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Are you ready to have a swinging time while you sip on your favorite soda? Maybe dance around a little bit? This Orange Soda Girl Costume will have you shaking that booty on the dance floor! With a costume this cute, it would be very hard not to shake your booty. Pick up a pair of white knee high boots to complete the costume..

Why Choose Orange Soda Girl Costume

Wear this sexy 60s orange soda girl costume as a super hot gogo dancer costume! We have several colors and styles available so you can perfect your sexy soda girl look!