Plus Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper

Plus Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper
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Imagine yourself in Atlantic City circa 1920’s. You and your friends have just had a fun day on the beaches, and are now taking in the new boardwalk. electric lights are all around, a novelty, and there are many people in fine dress. Now, imagine yourself in this women’s fuchsia sequin dress. Does it fit in with what you imagined? Of course it does! This lovely dress is inspired by the elegant fashions of the Roaring 20s! We’d go so far to say that it is the “bee’s knees.”.

Why Choose Plus Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper

Do you want to be the cat’s pajamas? There’s no better way than with our Plus Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper costume!

Fringe Purple Flapper Costume

Fringe Purple Flapper Costume
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You’ll look like a cast member from the movie The Great Gatsby when you wear this Fringe Purple Flapper Costume. Flapper costumes are totally in right now and you can have a unique lavender one. Accessorize this jazzy dress with a matching boa and long silver beads!.

Why Choose Fringe Purple Flapper Costume

You’ll look pretty in plum! This Fringe Purple Flapper Costume is a funky and unique retro costume for women.

Toy Tommy Gun

Toy Tommy Gun
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Alright put your hands in the air and nobody gets hurt! This Toy Tommy Gun is a fun way to add some authenticity to your gangster costume. Did you know that the Thompson Submachine Gun (its official name) had many other nicknames besides “Tommy Gun?” Some of its more colorful monikers were “Trench Broom,” “Trench Sweeper,” “Chicago Typewriter,” “Chicago Piano,” “Chicago Style,” “Chicago Organ Grinder,” and “The Chopper.” It was invented during World War I, when the army called it “The Annihilator.” Versions of the Tommy Gun are still in use by the U.S. Army and by many law enforcement agencies..

Why Choose Toy Tommy Gun

All right, reach for the sky! Blast them to high heaven with this Tommy Gun Toy! It’s a must have for your gangster costume and the most effective way to show them who’s the boss.

Gold and Black Flapper Headband

Gold and Black Flapper Headband
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It’s time to Charleston! Complete your very own flapper costume with the help of this key accessory. By adding this Gold and Black Flapper Headband with one of our black or gold flapper costumes you’ll look like the toast of the speakeasy!.

Why Choose Gold and Black Flapper Headband

Pulling together your 1920’s look is easy with a gold and black flapper headband. Pair it up with any of our costumes from the period and you can head to the speakeasy with confidence.

White 80 Gram Feather Boa

White 80 Gram Feather Boa
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Fox trot into the twenties with this White 80 Gram Feather Boa. It is perfect when paired with a flapper dress for any night out at the speakeasy. You’ll look like a Hollywood dame from an earlier era..

Why Choose White 80 Gram Feather Boa

Complete your flapper costume with a White 80 Gram Feather Boa. Wrap this feathery accessory around your neck and fox trot your way to the speakeasy. You’ll be the hottest dame at the bar.

Jazz Time Honey Plus Size Dress

Jazz Time Honey Plus Size Dress
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Dash to the dance floor and get jazzy! It will be easy to dance when you are wearing this Jazz Time Honey Plus Size Dress. You will look like Daisy from The Great Gatsby. This is a great retro 1920’s costume that is sleek and sexy. Pick up a cigarette holder and a black boa to complete the look..

Why Choose Jazz Time Honey Plus Size Dress

This fringe black and silver plus size flapper dress is like the flapper costume worn in the Chicago movie. Flapper dress costume comes with feather headband.

Flapper Handbag Purse

Flapper Handbag Purse
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Oh applesauce! Without this Flapper Handbag Purse, you won’t be able to Charleston your way to the 20s. It’s the hotsy-totsy way to accessorize your look..

Why Choose Flapper Handbag Purse

Say doll, if you wanna be the bees knees you’re going to need this Flapper Handbag Purse. A pretty little dame like yourself shouldn’t have to carry her goods around.

Pink Women’s Gangster Costume

Pink Women's Gangster Costume
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Who says a gangster can’t wear pick? This Pink Women’s Gangster Costume will turn you into one sexy mobster. If the other gangsters don’t find your pink suit intimidating, arm yourself with one of our toy tommy guns and they”ll be sure to show you some respect..

Why Choose Pink Women’s Gangster Costume

This pink women’s gangster costume is for the girly gangster in your group. This lady gangster costume is sexy and tough. Comes in sizes small to x-large.

Gangster Garter Flask

Gangster Garter Flask
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Show prohibition who’s boss with this Gangster Garter Flask. You deserve to have a sip of silly water every now and again..

Why Choose Gangster Garter Flask

Sneak a bit of dizzy water into your next affair with this Gangster Garter Flask. It’s the sexiest way to stick to the man!

Ivory Flapper Beads

Ivory Flapper Beads
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The 1920’s were all about jazzy accessories. Flappers had to be pleasing to the eye from head to toe. Whatever flapper costume you pick out, these Ivory Flapper Beads will complete your vintage look..

Why Choose Ivory Flapper Beads

1920s fashion was all about free movement, and these Ivory Flapper Beads would be a dynamic addition to any costume!