100 Dollar Bill Costume

100 Dollar Bill Costume
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Ever dreamed of rolling around in a pile of hundreds? This 100 Dollar Bill Costume, isn’t quite that, but it’s pretty darn close. You’ll feel like the richest man alive in this funny costume..

Why Choose 100 Dollar Bill Costume

Looking expensive just got a whole lot easier with this 100 Dollar Bill Costume. This funny costume is sure to look expensive.

Child Lil’ Champ Boxer Costume

Child Lil' Champ Boxer Costume
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Getting ripped takes physical strain, dedication and good old fashion guts. But if you want your child to be in fighting condition in a hurry, you might not have time for all that. Wearing this boxer costume set will at least make him look like a champ, even if he didn’t knock out any other fighters. Just remember that you have to teach him a few moves, like how to duck and weave, before you actually toss him in the ring as the champ..

Why Choose Child Lil’ Champ Boxer Costume

Teaching your kid the old one, two combo is pretty easy when he looks tough in this Child Lil’ Champ Boxer Costume.

Adult Jane Costume

Adult Jane Costume
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Feeling a little wild this Halloween? Then this Adult Jane Costume is perfect. You’ll feel like the queen of the jungle when you wear this on Halloween. But what makes being the queen of the jungle better than any other country in the world? That the royal outfit is far sexier than any other royal costume. So join your king, Tarzan, in a fun couple’s look this holiday!.

Why Choose Adult Jane Costume

Become Tarzan’s female sidekick with this Adult Jane Costume. Add some cute shoes and a spear to complete the costume!

Toddler Pinata Costume

Toddler Pinata Costume
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If you think your child might enjoy a turn as everyone’s favorite party game they will be a darling in this brightly colored Toddler Pinata Costume! There’s just a couple important suggestions that we advise when going as a pinata:
1. We do not recommend for the wearer to attempt to fill themselves with candy (the sugar rush can be overwhelming)
2. Hide all sticks and bats (we think this is self explanatory)
Take heed of these precautionary measures and this costume will be a great addition to any fiesta!.

Why Choose Toddler Pinata Costume

The fiesta can finally start! This Toddler Pinata Costume is an exclusive costume that will be perfect for Halloween or celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Child’s Sinister Jester Costume

Child's Sinister Jester Costume
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Just as not all of today’s clowns are cute and funny, not all medieval jesters were, either. Some of them were nasty. This Child’s Sinister Jester Costume lets your child be one of the mean ones. Staff & gloves not included..

Why Choose Child’s Sinister Jester Costume

With this Child’s Sinister Jester Costume, you’ll be haunting the king’s court and making him pay!

Child ER Doctor Costume

Child ER Doctor Costume
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Your child will feel just like a doctor this Halloween when they wear this ER doctor costume. They’ll be set to take care of any medical situation with their toys that may come up. Check out all of our great doctor accessories to make sure they’re set for ER!.

Why Choose Child ER Doctor Costume

This child ER doctor costume is a great Halloween costume ideas for boys and girls. Your child can look just like a real doctor in this doctor scrubs uniform costume.

Pink Striped Santa Hat

Pink Striped Santa Hat
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You’ve probably never seen a Pink Striped Santa Hat before, but you’ll want this one. It’s luxurious satin and velvet, with a clever inside pocket for your keys and debit card. Great with any Christmas outfit!.

Why Choose Pink Striped Santa Hat

Bring in the holidays with some pink! This Pink Striped Santa Hat is a girly way to bring in the holidays!

Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
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Ruling over the Nile is hard work. It’s hot, there’s lots of sand, and deadly animals. But as pharaoh, you do get a palace and servants and okay, maybe it’s not such a bad gig after all. In this Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume, you can rule ancient Egypt in style and grace..

Why Choose Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Courting a Nile queen can be difficult, but build her a pyramid and things will go easier. Prove you’ve also got what it takes to rule with this Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume.

Green Leprechaun Hat

Green Leprechaun Hat
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Why are the Irish considered lucky? Seriously who started the trend? Is it the Emerald Isle where they supposedly originate from? Is it the shamrocks they’re supposedly obsessed with? Or could it be that green is just an awesome color? If you want to be extra lucky, try our Green Leprechaun Hat and see what sort of auspicious things may occur!.

Why Choose Green Leprechaun Hat

If you want the luck of the Irish to forever be on your side wear this lucky Green Leprechaun Hat. It is a great way feel empowered and not get pinched on Saint Patty’s day.

High Seas Pirate Girl Costume

High Seas Pirate Girl Costume
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It’s the pirate’s life for this girl! She’ll steal your ship, make you walk the plank, and not to mention steal your booty right from underneath your nose! This High Seas Pirate Girl Costume is a great costume for girls because of the cool black & red tattered skirt and the included belt that cinches around the waist. Just make sure to grab your sword to protect your treasure!.

Why Choose High Seas Pirate Girl Costume

Jack Sparrow better watch out, she’s a great swords woman! This High Seas Pirate Girl Costume is the perfect pirate costume for girls!