Kids Pooh Pajama Costume

Kids Pooh Pajama Costume
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What exactly is a Pooh? Well, he’s a bear. Stuffed with fluff, as they say. He’s yellow, he loves honey, and although he’s a bit dimwitted, he has a big heart. But that still doesn’t really answer what a “pooh” actually is! It may be one of those things that will always go unanswered. For all of us, the word simply means a lovable bear from the Hundred Acre Wood. Our comfy cozy Winnie the Pooh costume is in a pajama style, so it’s perfect for Trick or Treating (but avoid Rabbit’s House, he only gives out carrots) or just lounging around with Piglet on Windsday. Hunny not included!.

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The only thing better than hunny and your best friend Piglet. A Kids Pooh Pajama Costume, a pot of hunny and your best friend Piglet. Chilling in 100 Acre Wood

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