Mega Spider Web

Mega Spider Web
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With a web like that, there’s got to be a huge spider hiding around here some where. Lend your yard (and house) to a large, eight-legged friend with this Mega Spider Web. Plus, you’re sure to scare a few arachnophobs..

Why Choose Mega Spider Web

I hope the spider doesn’t come back to his spider web cause that spider would be huge! Decorate the front lawn with this spooky Mega Spider Web.

6″ Distorted Pumpkin

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Pity this poor 6″ Distorted Pumpkin. It just didn’t manage to grow straight and symmetrical. But can be a fun accent in a group of symmetrical ones. Or a quirky centerpiece all by itself. Your choice!.

Why Choose 6″ Distorted Pumpkin

Add this funky 6″ Distorted Pumpkin to your patch! You won’t be able to carve it but it will add just the right touch to your scene!

20 Inch Black Glittered Twig Spray

20 Inch Black Glittered Twig Spray
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Set up a spooktacular floral arrangement with this Twig Spray. You can use flowers that are either dead or alive!.

Why Choose 20 Inch Black Glittered Twig Spray

It’s not easy throwing a party! Add this Black Glittered Twig Spray to add the perfect amount of ambiance to your decor!

Slanted Cross Marker

Slanted Cross Marker
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When someone leaves this world, they usually get a grave marker, but you rarely see one quite as creepy as this! Our Slanted Cross Marker is so scary, you might find some people avoiding your lawn altogether. Unfortunately, those pesky dogs couldn’t care less… but the trick-or-treaters who come to your house this Halloween will need a n extra dose of courage to cross grave markers such as this one!.

Why Choose Slanted Cross Marker

Create the illusion of having a haunted graveyard on your lawn with this spooky slanted cross marker. This is a great tombstone decoration for your scary display.

7.5 Inch Black and White Ceramic Striped Pot

7.5 Inch Black and White Ceramic Striped Pot
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Put seasonal artificial foliage in this 7.5 Inch Black and White Ceramic Striped Pot for a fun display. Or maybe fill it with fake zombie parts, or fake bugs. Those would be really creepy…..

Why Choose 7.5 Inch Black and White Ceramic Striped Pot

This 7.5 Inch Black and White Ceramic Striped Pot is already ready to be set up in your home for some classic creepy holiday vibes.

Robbie Zombie Puppet

Robbie Zombie Puppet
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Zombie babies need love too! Sure, his poop smells even more rancid than other infant’s his age and he prefers to eat brains over Gerber baby food but he needs as much TLC as the next precious newborn! Carry this Robbie Zombie Puppet around at a party and you’ll get tons of attention because it’s not every day that people see an undead baby!.

Why Choose Robbie Zombie Puppet

Why have the cutest baby when you have the scariest? Creep everyone out with your brand new bundle of terror with this Robbie Zombie Puppet!

Animated Ghost

Animated Ghost
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Jeepers creepers! Give your holiday guests something scream about when you add this animated ghost to your haunted house. When your friends and family walk about this spooky specter they’ll be treated to some flashing lights along with the scary sounds of this terrifying ghost..

Why Choose Animated Ghost

Boo! Look who is here to haunt you this Halloween! This Animated Ghost is a cute yet spooky outdoor decoration!

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hands Mantle Scarf

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hands Mantle Scarf
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This versatile black lace Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hands Mantle Scarf can drape the edge of a fireplace mantle, stairway banister or porch railing. Or, swag it from a curtain rod above a window or doorway. You could even use it as a table runner at your refreshments station. In black light, the bony hands will glow!.

Why Choose Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hands Mantle Scarf

If your living room needs some snazzing up for the big Halloween party, then you’d better get this Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hands Mantle Scarf ready. It’s about to blow your mind.

Orange Boo Sign

Orange Boo Sign
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Add a bit of colorful Halloween spirit anywhere you wish by hanging this Orange Boo Sign! Its compact size lets it fit almost anywhere–a door, an office cubicle wall, a kitchen cabinet knob. Greet everyone with a hearty “Boo!” And practice ghostly moaning or witchy cackles to go with it..

Why Choose Orange Boo Sign

Greet your guests with this Orange Boo Sign on your door or in your entryway! Nothing says Halloween like a good “Boo!”

Spider Web Printed Lantern

Spider Web Printed Lantern
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Spice up your Halloween party with the help of these Spider Web Printed Lanterns! They will go great with any Halloween themed party!.

Why Choose Spider Web Printed Lantern

Looking for an unique decoration to hang from your ceilings? These Spider Web Printed Lanterns make a great addition to any festive household.