Witch Hat Welcome Sign

Witch Hat Welcome Sign
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This Witch Hat Welcome Sign might give your visitors pause, and cause them to wonder just what kind of establishment you operate. It’s a fun and whimsical way to greet anyone who comes to your door!.

Why Choose Witch Hat Welcome Sign

This Witch Hat Welcome Sign is a classic Halloween themed decoration. Add it to your door to welcome your trick-or-treaters!

17 Inch Beaded Ice Cone

17 Inch Beaded Ice Cone
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You know what’s fancy? A crystal beaded cone! Add this 17 Inch Beaded Ice Cone decoration in your living room as a great way to advertise, ‘hey I’m fancy!’.

Why Choose 17 Inch Beaded Ice Cone

Create a fantastical scene with this Beaded Ice Cone! Your table will never be the same again.

3 Ft’ Moss Garland

3 Ft' Moss Garland
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Looking to give your haunted house more of an aged look? Then you better pick up some of our Moss Garland. Hanging this up above your doorways and windows will make it look like your house as been aged and may house some ghoulish residents. This is the perfect decoration for any haunted home this Halloween!.

Why Choose 3 Ft’ Moss Garland

Give your windows or doorways a spooky makeover when you hang this 3 Ft’ Moss Garland above them.

7.5 Inch Mercury Owl w/ Large Eyes

7.5 Inch Mercury Owl w/ Large Eyes
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Perch this 7.5 Inch Mercury Owl w/ Large Eyes on a shelf, or on your fireplace mantel. Group it with other figures, or let it fly solo. It’s cute enough that you don’t have to limit it to the Halloween season–leave it out all year long!.

Why Choose 7.5 Inch Mercury Owl w/ Large Eyes

A wise Halloweeen decorator will want to add this 7.5 Inch Mercury Owl w/ Large Eyes to any decor scheme!

Classic Crashing Witch

Classic Crashing Witch
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Her reputation is ruined! This little witch was coming in for a landing and experienced some ‘technical difficulties’ in finding her target. Get in the Halloween spirit when you add this decoration to your front yard!.

Why Choose Classic Crashing Witch

This little witch needs to work on her landing! This classic crashing witch decoration can attach to any post or tree and makes a fun addition to your Halloween decor.

Animated Long Leg Spider

Animated Long Leg Spider
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Nothing makes peoples skin crawl quite like a big black hairy spider. This Halloween decorate with this long leg animated spider decoration for a truly scary experience!.

Why Choose Animated Long Leg Spider

LIttle spiders are terrible enough. To really scare your friends though there is this animated long leg spider to add extra horror to an already scary bug.

String of Skeletons

String of Skeletons
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Everyone talks about having skeletons in the closet, but we think you should never keep them in the closet. Why not spread them around the house? This string of skeletons would never want to be cooped up in the closet. They’d be much more at home mingling with your other party guests while hanging from the ceiling. Of course, if absolutely HAVE to keep them in the closet, this creepy little guys pack up nicely..

Why Choose String of Skeletons

Get all your skeletons in a row! This String of Skeletons looks great hanging inside or outside.

Boo Ghost Sign on Arrow

Boo Ghost Sign on Arrow
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Hang this Boo Ghost Sign on Arrow anywhere you like, and let it greet your Halloween guests! He’s molded and painted to look like rustic, weathered wood, and the bracket looks like wrought iron. Add a fun touch to your decor!.

Why Choose Boo Ghost Sign on Arrow

Have this little ghost greet all your guests! This Boo Ghost Sign on Arrow is perfect for hanging in the yard.

Darth Maul Candy Bowl Holder

Darth Maul Candy Bowl Holder
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After Darth Maul came back from the planet of Tatooine with out any of the Jedi was given the mission of capturing he was given a punishment. He had to hand out candy to all the little younglings with a big smile. Darth Maul will be sure to complete any mission he is given from now on. This adorable Star Wars candy bowl holder is perfect for any fan of the classic sci-fi movies..

Why Choose Darth Maul Candy Bowl Holder

This Darth Maul candy bowl holder is a licensed Star Wars accessory. Have Darth Maul greet your trick or treaters with this character candy bowl holder!

Hand Gelatin Mold

Hand Gelatin Mold
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Need an extra hand? It’s time to put all hands on deck for your party. It’s time to pull out all the stops! Instead of just making boring jello cubes, why not make a spooky jello hand? Use this Hand Gelatin Mold to help!.

Why Choose Hand Gelatin Mold

Creep everybody out by having gelatin treats in the shape of a hand! This Hand Gelatin Mold is the perfect kitchen accessory.