Blue Batman Mask Deluxe

Blue Batman Mask Deluxe
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Bruce Wayne might have billions of dollars to invest into his crime fighting gear, but the rest of us are just trying to do the whole superhero thing on a working man’s salary. Graphite masks might be in the budget for him, but not for you. Luckily, we’ve got a solution. This deluxe Batman mask might not stop a bullet like the real thing, but it looks just as intimidating and won’t destroy your bank account. You can wear it while investigating organized crime in your city, or while getting a yogurt smoothie with your gal. You can have your girlfriend thank us later..

Why Choose Blue Batman Mask Deluxe

This Blue Batman Mask Deluxe gives you the chance at being a superhero! That’s right, no more sitting around and waiting for super powers!

Freddy Double Mask

Freddy Double Mask
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Mr. Freddy Krueger has one of the most unsightly faces we’ve ever seen. Might we add, that many terrifying masks come through our department every day and Freddy still ranks up there on the ugly list. This Freddy Double Mask detaches and reveals an even scarier Freddy underneath! We didn’t think it was possible, but trust us…it is!.

Why Choose Freddy Double Mask

If you think Freddy Krueger is terrifying…you should see what is hidden underneath. This Freddy Double Mask is totally freaky!

Infant Elmo Hat

Infant Elmo Hat
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Elmo is an adorable little guy, and you’d think if you made a hat with his face on it, it could actually be a little disturbing. But it’s really not! It remains adorable just like the real thing. That big open mouth, the cute orange nose, and the bright happy eyes… all there! We love this cozy cap on infants because it keeps them warm, adds to their already too adorable nature, and brings the Sesame Street favorite to a brand new generation. You might question whether this hat is actually capable of all that, but it’s true! We stand by the magical power of Elmo, even in hat form..

Why Choose Infant Elmo Hat

Bring your favorite Sesame Street friend along for trick or treating with this Elmo Adult Hat. This warm accessory is perfect for keeping the chill away this Halloween!

Gold Coin Belt

Gold Coin Belt
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Every gypsy needs a few standbys in their caravan. First, you need a signature, mysterious facial expression. Practice in the mirror until you get yours perfected. Second, you need to work on your fortune telling skills because everyone expects a gypsy to tell the future. It’s not an exact science so that shouldn’t be too difficult. Lastly, you have to have the quintessential costume, and that’s where our metal coin belt comes in! It’s a classic look any fortune teller or belly dancer needs. If you really want to put the whole thing over the top you need a dancing goat just like Esmeralda!.

Why Choose Gold Coin Belt

This Gold Coin Belt is the perfect accessory with any of our Gypsy or belly dancer costumes. It adds just the right jingling sound for your dance!

Red Mini Cropped Satin Gloves

Red Mini Cropped Satin Gloves
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Long gloves are a thing of the past. As with everything, things are getting smaller and smaller. Add some instant chic to your costume with these Red Mini Cropped Satin Gloves..

Why Choose Red Mini Cropped Satin Gloves

Add some gloves to your devil costume. These Red Mini Cropped Satin Gloves will work perfectly with any devil costume that we sell!

Impressions Green Contact Lens

Impressions Green Contact Lens
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Green eyes are really rare and pretty. Unfortunately most of us will never experience the joys of having emerald eyes, but with these contact lenses you can, at least for a night. These could go with a ton of different characters that have green eyes, or maybe you just want to look a little different for Halloween, but whatever your reason these contacts will have everyone you know taking a closer look and asking, “Hey, have you always had green eyes?” It’s totally your choice whether to tell the truth or not!.

Why Choose Impressions Green Contact Lens

Give your eyes a little green with our Impressions Green Contact Lens! Show your envious side.

Bad Biker Beard and Moustache

Bad Biker Beard and Moustache
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This Bad Biker Beard and Moustache will let you look as menacing as can be. You can be a motorcycle gang outlaw, a Caribbean island dictator, or maybe apply for a job making duck calls..

Why Choose Bad Biker Beard and Moustache

Become ”Bad to the Bone” when you wear this Bad Biker Beard and Moustache. No one will mess with you when you look this tough!

Drink Me Potion Can Koozie

Drink Me Potion Can Koozie
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Use caution when drinking strange things. Learn from Alice who seems to eat and drink anything that she finds, just don’t do it. Luckily you know what’s in your Drink Me Potion Can Koozie. If you don’t then think before you drink!.

Why Choose Drink Me Potion Can Koozie

Our Drink Me Potion Can Koozie won’t make you shrink to a miniature size. It may however bring you closer to the ground depending on what’s in the can.

Kids Black Fishnet Stockings

Kids Black Fishnet Stockings
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She’ll be one leggy lady bug in a pair of Kids Black Fishnet Stockings. And hey if, she’s not into lady bugs, she can dress up as a gothic diva. Either way, they’re a great way to add an extra bit of style to her look..

Why Choose Kids Black Fishnet Stockings

Give your insect a reason to fly. Add a pair of Kids Black Fishnet Stockings to her next Lady Bug Costume for a fantastic look. These stockings are a great way to jazz up any costume.

Tiger ‘Stache Sunglasses

Tiger 'Stache Sunglasses
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Be like a tiger hiding in the jungle when you rock these awesome shades! It’s the perfect cool accessory to add a little hipness to your costume..

Why Choose Tiger ‘Stache Sunglasses

Feeling a little ferocious? These Tiger ‘Stache Sunglasses will give you a fierce look and block your eyes from UV rays!